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What is Inventory

Inventory is a full detailed description of the contents in a property, from decorations, appliances, furnitures, fixtures and fittings in the property including a full description of their condition and the condition of walls, ceilings, floors and carpets, light fittings, paintwork, windows, radiators etc.

Without an inventory being done for your property you may have no recourse against the tenant or their deposits should there be any damages when they vacate the property, or else you may have to bear the costs for damages incurred by your tenants during their stay alone and repairing a whole lot of damage done in the property out of your own pocket. Therefore a correctly compiled inventory is essential for all rental properties to enable a fair assessment of condition and level of cleanliness at the start and end of any tenancy term.

Our experienced clerk will attend the property and carry out a full inventory of its contents and shedule of condition for all rooms, including outbuildings, garden and garages. Then we compiled our reports precisely and clearly detailing the contents found in the property and their condition with supporting pictures, using the very latest technology to create you a detailed and affordable inventory report easy for all to understand and advise of any problems we feel may be a health and safety issue. 



Check In

Check In - This is when our Inventory Clerk who would have a copy of your report and keys to the property meet with the tenants at the property and go through the inventory report with them room by room, highlighting any issues and make note of any additional comments to the inventory where necessary. The clerk will take utility meter readings, and then hand over the keys to the tenant and getting them to sign the report agreeing on the condition of the property.



Inventory & Check-in

This is a combined Inventory and Check-In service when our clerk visit the property to carried out an inventory on the day, just before your tenants move in, and also go through it with the tenants and handed over the property keys to them. We offer this on a reduced rate thereby saving you money, instead of making two separate visits booking, only one visit by the clerk is required. 



Check out

This is carried out at the end of a tenancy, we compare the state of the property with the initial inventory done at check in. We detail any changes which may have arisen with a comparison with the initial check-in report, listing all changes, and make recommendations based on our professional expertise; we also note the state of cleanliness and if necessary further cleaning maybe required. Final meter readings are then taken.

Mid- Term inspection

This is a valuable option for landlords and estate agents who wish to check the condition of their property where the tenant has been in place for at least three months or for a prolonged period of time, to find out how they are treating the property and whether any suggestions need to be made to them, or if there are any maintenance issues that may need your attention.

We can also book an inspection for you directly with the tenant at your request and visit the property at an agreed date and time. We check for signs of subletting, malicious damage, unauthorised pets, smoking (if non smoking property) and ascertain the general level of care and cleanliness of the property, then complete an overall schedule of condition.

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